The EpoxyClean Story

You’ve paid thousands of dollars for your epoxy floor…
Don’t you want it to look like new again?


Hi, my name is Taylor and I created EpoxyClean® to help homeowners and business owners clean their epoxy floors quickly and easily with our brand new full floor system!

Having owned an epoxy floor company for many years and completed hundreds of floors (probably in the thousands now) I realized I kept getting the same question from my clients, “How do I clean my epoxy floors?”. I never had a good answer to that question until now… I used to say the same thing as EVERY other epoxy floor installer out there “Use water and a squeegee, use a rayon mop, use ammonia, use dish soap, blah blah blah”. None of these answers are good enough suggestions, trust me! Those answers are: toxic, don’t work, attract dirt, dull the shine, don’t get the grime out and the list of why those options don’t work go on and on… And that’s why I say, none of those are good suggestions.

I almost felt guilty that I didn’t have a better answer for my clients, I mean, on average they’d just spent $3100 with my company! There isn’t a true epoxy floor cleaner out there? The short answer was “Nope!”. None, nada, zip, zilch. No floor cleaner designed for epoxy floors, until now.

I’d been trying to find a good cleaner to clean epoxy floors over the past two years and three months and I’ve come up short each time I looked. There are floor cleaners out there but they are either really harmful and toxic or they dull the shine of the epoxy floor –I’ve literally tried 23 different cleaners (pretty much everything you can think of) without being really happy with any of them. Almost all of them left a film or some sort of residue which dulled the shine. I found that none of them are made to clean epoxy floors specifically.

Finally I got fed up with the lack of epoxy floor cleaning options so we started working with a chemical lab here in Colorado to develop our new product called EpoxyClean®.

While talking with this chemical lab to develop a cleaner I had some requirements: it must be designed specifically for epoxy flooring, has to be non-toxic, must be strong enough to clean the floors (get rid of the dirt, grime, salt, oil, grease, tar, mag-chloride, etc.), and cannot dull the shine and has to be environmentally friendly… AND, drum-roll please… We’ve FINALLY developed the best epoxy floor cleaning product!

It’s truly an amazing product and about five minutes after I cleaned my epoxy floor with it I KNEW we’d developed the right stuff. It brought back the shine like the floor was installed yesterday, even Kylie noticed and to be honest she couldn’t care less. It’s been hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in research but we’ve gotten everything finalized.

We were able to create a full floor system that easily cleans epoxy floors within minutes. You don’t even have to mop the floor anymore if you don’t want to!

Now this is a full floor cleaning system with everything that you’ll need: it has a three-year supply of EpoxyClean (which is the most important and valuable part of the system), the sprayer/mixer to get the garage floor soaked, the professional grade squeegee we recommend and that we’ve fitted with a universal broom handle adapter, the spray bottle to get precise spots/stains, terry cloth towels, small nylon brushes that won’t scratch the floor, a funnel and you’ll get the link to the instructional video. As you can see it’s the complete solution.

Give EpoxyClean a try today!