EpoxyClean List of Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much EpoxyClean will I receive? It’s a full three year supply based on our recommendations of usage per two car garage.  If you have a three car garage then it should last you about two years.  When ordering the complete system for the first time you’ll have the option to order an additional three year supply.  Please note that what we provide you is a highly concentrated formula which you can dilute further to extend your supply.

2. What is included in the EpoxyClean Full Floor System? You get the whole enchilada!  In the complete system you’ll receive: 3-yr supply of EpoxyClean, Professional Squeegee with broom handle adapter, the EpoxyClean System hose sprayer/dilution kit, terry cloth towels, the funnel, nylon brushes (specific quality which won’t scratch the top coat), spot sprayer and the instructional video.

3. Is EpoxyClean only for garages?  No, EpoxyClean can be used on any epoxy flooring surface.  It is designed specifically for epoxy floors (of any kind: polyaspartic, polyurethane, polyurea, epoxy, etc).  It’s good for garage floors, basement floors, commercial floors, epoxy patios.  Any epoxy surface can be cleaned with EpoxyClean

4. How often should I clean my garage?  We recommend you clean your garage at least twice a year (more if desired).  Once in the Spring and once in the Fall is usually enough for most of our customers.  Due to the special formulation of EpoxyClean it will not hurt the floor if you clean it more often.  Some of our customers use the cleaning system once a month because it’s so quick and easy.

5. Is EpoxyClean NON-toxic?  Yes, EpoxyClean is NON-toxic and will not kill grass or plants.  EpoxyClean being non-toxic was a specific requirement when we were working with the chemical lab in Colorado.

6. Can I use EpoxyClean on other surfaces than epoxy?  Since EpoxyClean is formulated for epoxy floors specifically, we do not recommend that you use it on other flooring surfaces.  You could test it out in an inconspicuous area first and then determine for yourself.

7. Is it guaranteed to not harm my epoxy floor?  Yes, as long as you use the system as instructed it will only help your epoxy flooring look great!  As noted, the EpoxyClean System is not designed to be used on floors with exposed flakes or floors without a top coat.  If you use the EpoxyClean System on exposed flakes, it will tear the flakes and rip them from the floor.

8. Do I need to do any prep on the epoxy floor before using the EpoxyClean System?  We recommend a quick broom of the large debris in the garage but it depends on specific type of top coat/floor you have.  If you’re floor is Polyaspartic top coat then no – if it was installed properly it should be so durable you don’t really need sweep the floor.  If you have Polyurethane, Polyurea, or Epoxy top coat then it’s definitely recommended you sweep out the garage before using the EpoxyClean System.

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Included in the EpoxyClean Full Epoxy Floor Cleaning Kit: 3 year supply of EpoxyClean, hose-connected spray bottle (to effectively dilute and spray the cleaning solution onto the epoxy floor evenly), the Pro Squeegee with broom handle adapter - don't use your mop when you can easily squeegee the dirt and grime away, squirt bottle to get into those hard to reach areas, funnel to easily pour EpoxyClean into other containers, medium bristle brushes to clean the stuck-on items and lessen the chances of scratching your beautiful epoxy floor, and terry cloth towels to clean up any small mess.
Also included is the Quick Start guide with video tutorial.

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